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i liked the animation....

Now about the Music:
Does Bar-9 know your using their track "midnight"? i dont think so.....So at least tell the people its not ur music and where it comes from. Dubstep artists are poor and need evry reference they can get!

DontHateMeXD responds:

i honestly didn't think about putting a note in there to give them credit :L My bad. I did change the description though so that they get some credit.
And hey, kudo's for knowing the track name. you must have a good taste in music. haha

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quotes for you guys

Its not about luck its about stochastic.

And i go with "TheLie". He was totally right when brought in thaugts about the over power of the Power Mage. His ability overpowered by chance so his review is the most HELPFUL here.

Ipretty much liked the game. Maybe there is a chance to redo something like it and tryin to calculate the same chances for all 3 mages. and maybe add some more options for a player. Like dealing double damage or whatever. cause the idea is pretty simple here. Nothing else like warhammer.


its a pretty cool game and i like the idea.

problem is: after i got entropy blast the game was over and annoying. if u didnt end the fight within the first 10 seconds... even gainst 3 opponents.... then a fight took me more than 30 minutes cause of a hit chance of 5% at the agile opps.

if it would have been balanced a bit better and... omg i cant believe i say that... if thsi game would have a MP... it would rock the shit out of my.....

theres a game like this

but i dont remember the name. its a non freeware thing so its nice to see u can play a free clone here.

only thing whats really annoying.... weapon heat! why did you include that? if u wanted to create a game closer to reality... ok. but its a mech fighting flying triangles! So were in the future! Weapons are cooled by super liquid freezing plasma... or whatever.

buuuuuuuuut.... i like it!

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really really good!

its been a while when i heard such good intro. very good quality in recording. gratulations to your singer! hes got a very good feelin for what hes doin. would be nice to hear some more stuff of you..... gonna check out your myspace

ThePlanetPluto responds:

Thanks a lot! If you didn't know, the song that follows is City of Lost Ambition, so try listening to that after this song =]

And if you like our stuff, maybe like us on facebook or check out our youtube!

Thanks for listening

wheres da drop?

i listen to a lot dubstep and i just miss this typical massive drop. dont get me wrong i like this piece of music but in some parts it gets me out of this dub mood. especially when u took straight drums. when they are laid back its great. but for my taste i wouldnt take a beat like in a 4/4 rock song....

check it again

feels a bit out of tune and out of time at 0:28 and following


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